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Gerald A. Price, is the founder/creator of Worldpointe!. Worldpointe is physically located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. We provide web development, hosting, and e-commerce solutions for businesses interested in gaining the most from today's exciting technology, the INTERNET!.

We are here to provide our clients with a professional internet presence to facilitate high volume traffic and e-commerce opportunities. 

Our internet mall, Worldpointe.com (originally ArdcoMall.com), opened on November 13, 1997. We recently updated our web site with a graphics makeover and new logo. Please, use the Contact Us! link to tell us what you think.

Our goals are to provide excellent service, value and deliver technical solutions to small and medium businesses that want to maximize their benefits from a wide range of internet options, specifically e-commerce!.

Please Pray with us during our journey into this miraculous task.

Enjoy your visit! 



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Latest News

We have just launched the new remodeled QShack site. Check it out!

The Original QShackThe original QShack


We just launched our latest shopify eCommerce site, Janay's Herbal Products.Janay's Herbal Products Please visit their site and purchase their all natural health products.